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Almería, Almería

Almería, Almería

  • Almería, Almería
  • Almería, Almería
  • Almería, Almería
  • Almería, Almería
  • Almería, Almería
  • Almería, Almería

Your Neighbourhood is a series of local area guides from VIP Almeria. We’re bringing you the best of local villages combined with the latest property data. Almeria City has 12 postcodes inside a 296km area: 04001, 04002, 04003, 04004, 04005, 04006, 04007, 04008, 04009, 04070, 04071, 04080. 

Almeria is regarded as the only desert in all of Europe. It was this notoriety that enticed the making of such legendary films as King of Kings, Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia, Patton and Orson Wells' Treason Island and of course those many "Spaghetti Westerns" that brought Clint Eastwood and Clint Eastwood to instant fame. 

Why Almeria? Almería is a city in southeast Spain. The Alcazaba is an imposing Moorish fortress overlooking the city. The fortified, 16th-century Almería Cathedral has a Gothic ribbed ceiling. The Museum of Almería displays archaeological findings from across the region. There are alot of things to discover such as the underground network of tunnels, which were the Civil War Shelters of Almería.

Other mentions include this area being a popular site for Steven Spielberg the Director. Other movies include Conan the Barbarian, The Empire of the Sun and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and more recently site of scenes for Exodus are some of the many films that have benefited from this photogenic piece of untouched Mediterranean coastline.

Where to Move:

Almería City: Almería City is the main area. In it are the majority of amenities.

El Zapillo: It is a neighbourhood in the south of Almería city. It has a beautiful beach with the same name, before it was a fishing village but it progressed over the years.

Torrecárdenas: It is in the north of Almería city. Is where the hospital and the new comercial center are. You can find there the Torrecardenas tower, built in XVI Century.

Los Ángeles: It is a humble neighbourhood east of Almería capital. It is a good place to live as it is a quiet place and close to the centre.

Los Molinos: This neighbourhood is located in the urban area of Almería. Although it is a little far from the centre, a shopping center is relatively close.

The Cost:

“Really anywhere in Spain so it is a lifestyle choice, a single could live comfortably on €1,200 — or less. A couple can live for around €2,000 a month. Eating out at Restaurants is inexpensive as are childcare, groceries transportation and sport and leisure club membership/activities.

Almería City is a municipality of Almería province. It has a population of 198.533 people. It has a coastline with 200 Km. of beaches, stretching from Pulpí in the east to Adra in the west. It descends from the Sierra de Gádor mountains until it joins the Mediterranean sea in some exceptionally beautiful beaches

Zones in this Area:

Almería City.

El Zapillo.

Torrecárdenas (hospital and comercial center)

Los Ángeles.

Los Molinos.

Ciudad Jardín.


Regiones Devastadas.

La rambla.

El Puche

El Alquián.

Take me there!

In the City next to the port and cable inglés

What’s the story with house prices?

Almeria city: 4 bed apartment: 180.000€ - 2 Bed apartment: 120.000€

El Zapillo: 2 bed flat: 84.000€ - 3 bed flat: 99.000€

Torrecárdenas: 3 bed flat: 85.000€ - 3 bed townhouse: 205.000€

Los Ángeles:  3 bed apartment:79.000€ - 2 bed apartment: 50.000€

Los Molinos: 3 bed apartment: 95.000€ - 2 bed apartment: 59.900€

Local amenities?

As expected, it has all services & amenities required ranging from Supermarkets, banks, hospital and 2 large  commercial centres. Train and bus stations and industrial zones. 

Where should I get lunch?

Where should I get a light bite to eat?

Some examples depending of which area are you going are:

Almería city: Capitol centro, Bar Ópera Prima, Café Bar Colón, Tamayo 29, El Turia, La Buena Coffee, bar Chester, Bar Vintage

El Zapillo: Cafetería Quevedo 1981, Cafetería Ibiza, Café Bar suma y Sigue, Cafetería Angelo, Habana Playa, Cafetería dayma, café bar la virgen chica.

Torrecárdenas: Café Litoral, Blue Mountain Coffee.

Los Ángeles: Bar Los Ángeles, café Bar Rumar, Cafetería Vipais, Palmito, Café Los alpes.

Los Molinos: Café bar El rincón del Alba, Café Bar el Manantial, Cafe Verona 2, Café Bar Cauce, Cafetería La Estrella.

Where should i try for lunch or dinner? 

Almería city: Taberna de Tal Palo, Taberna Entrefinos, El rincón de Basi, Casa Puga, Restaurante la Encina.

El Zapillo: Mar Robles Restaurante, Restaurante Building, Bar La Salada, Mesón Sierra Morena, El rincón de Yebra, La cabaña del Tio Tom.

Torrecárdenas: Asador Sáez, Restaurante Gil.

Los Ángeles: Taberna El jamón, Bar Florida, Suspiros del alma, Restaurante Bar Andaluz II.

Los Molinos: Restaurante Marhaba, Tierra de Nadie, Salmantice, Restaurante El Romeral, Espacio Gastronómico Tony García.

So what’s the big draw?

Almería is a city in southeast Spain. The Alcazaba is an imposing Moorish fortress overlooking the city. The fortified, 16th-century Almería Cathedral has a Gothic ribbed ceiling. The Museum of Almería displays archaeological finds from across the region. Underground lies a network of tunnels, the Civil War Shelters of Almería

What do people love about it?

"One of the smallest capitals of Spain with a central area where traditional, historical and modern mix"

And... what do people NOT love about it?

"Almería is one of the smallest capitals in Spain, so sometimes there is overcrowding and there may be difficulties to park a car in the center, especially in summer."

And what’s my new local?

Almería City: La Clásica, Pub vértice, Pub ginger, Pub La cueva, Pub La Fuga.

El Zapillo: Pub La térmica, Karaoke Bemartini, Cervecería La Cala, FunCorner.

Torrecárdenas: Centro Comercial Torrecárdenas.

Los Ángeles: Pub La caverna rock, Pub Papillon Club.

Los Molinos: Museo Puertomaro.


Almería city: Restaurante La Tagliatella, Jovellanos 16, Tortillería La Mala.

El Zapillo: Il Capo Mangia, restaurante Chino Ciudad Imperial, La Trattoria.

Torrecárdenas: restaurante La Tagliatella, Burguer King, Foster's Hollywood.

Los Ángeles: PizzArbol, Asador de Pollos Virgen del Carmen, Restaurante PizzaLopez.

Los Molinos: Restaurante japonés Asahi, aloe Restaurante vegano y vegetariano.

Schools and supermarkets?

Almería City:

Schools: Colegio ciudad de Almería, Colegio infantil Las góndolas, Colegio público de educación especial para sordos Rosa, Colegio público Freinet, IES Celia Viñas, IES Alhamilla, IES Alborán, Escuela de Artes Almería, Centro Privado de enseñanza el Arcángel.

Supermarkets: Consum, Carrefour, Día, eroski, Mercadona.

El Zapillo:

Schools: CEIP San Fernando, colegio público San Valentín, IES Nicolás Salmerón y Alonso, IES Maestro Padilla.

Supermarkets: Día, Mercadona, HiperZapillo.


Schools: There are no schools or high schools in Torrecárdenas area.

Supermarkets: Centro Comercial Torrecárdenas, Mercadona.

Los Ángeles:

Schools: Escuela infantil Torre de Los Ángeles, IES Los Angeles, Colegio Público Padre Mendez.

Supermarkets: Lidl, Día, Mercadona

Los Molinos:

Schools: Colegio público San Luis, CEIP Ave María del diezmo, CEIP San Gabriel, IES Alhadra, IES Albaida.

OK, I’m sold. Give me one piece of local trivia to impress a local

Did you know that one of the best Spanish singers of the moment was born in Almería? This is David Bisbal. He started working in a restaurant and by chance signed up for a Spanish contest named Operación Triunfo, in which he finished second. From that moment on, his career began to take off and he became one of the best singers with various songs such as Bulería or Ave María. Over the years, he has made several collaborations with world-class artists such as Miley Cyrus, Luis Fonsi, Rihanna and Juan Magán, among many others.

A popular figure in Almeria as he never forgets his city which is shown in his music and whenever he goes on tour, at least one concert is in Almería.


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