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Oria, Almería

Oria, Almería

  • Oria, Almería
  • Oria, Almería

Your Neighbourhood is a series of local area guides from VIP Almeria. We’re bringing you the best of local villages combined with the latest property data. Oria postcode: 04810. 

Why Oria?

Oria is a small town situated in the Almeria province, approximately 1025m above sea level and approximately 24km from Albox. Oria has a town hall, post office, banks, shops, several bars, a restaurant and schools for children up to the age of 12 years. The nearest secondary schools are in Albox and Cantoria. There is a 24 hour medical centre, with the nearest large hospital being in Huercal Overa. The municipal swimming pool is open in July and August and the local market is held on Sunday mornings.

Where to Move: 

Oria town, campo, fuente del negro, el Barranco de Guiles, los Cerricos, Arroyo Medina, la Cañada, Doña Juana, los Malinos, la Yegua Baja, los Álamos, Cortijos de las Minas, Maguas, el Marchal, Frax, Capariola and los Chulos.

Gastronomically: Certain products stand out, such as the local olive oil, which is the star product of this town, along with almonds and cereals. Try local dishes such as fritá (tomato and pepper salsa), remojón (tomato and cod salad), calabaza con patatas (pumpkin with potatoes), migas (fried bread), olla de trigo (wheat stew) and pelotas (meatball stew). Sweet treats include mantecados de almendra (almond lard cakes), roscos de vino (aniseed biscuits) and the local favourite, bizcotela.

The Cost: “Really anywhere in Spain so it is a lifestyle choice, a single could live comfortably on €1,200 — or less. A couple can live for around €2,000 a month. Eating out at Restaurants is inexpensive as are childcare, groceries transportation and sport and leisure club membership/activities.

Oria is a municipality of Almería province. It has a population of approx 2,238 people.

Take me there!

Plaza Constitucion

What’s the story with house prices?

-Apartments: 2-3 bedroom from 28.000 - 60.000 Euros.

-Country House: 2-3 bedroom from 78.000 - 115.000 Euros.

-Detached house: 2-3 bedroom from 30.000 - 229.000 Euros.

Local amenities?

Cepsa garage, Tienda Bodegas García Gil (home goods store), Zoosanitarios Fernández (animal food), El Parrita (butcher), Domingo Javier García Requena (pharmacy), Estanco Oria (tobacconist) and Comercial Marsan y Lomar (animal store).

Where should I get lunch?

Where should I get a light bite to eat? Bar Pepe, Mesón Mena, Bar San Antonio, Sociedad Orialeña, Bar San Miguel, Bar El Charras and Bar La Frax.

Where should I try for lunch or dinner? Bar Pepe, Mesón Mena, San Antonio and Sociedad Orialeña.

So what’s the big draw?

Vega Árabe y Castillo de Oria, Ruta Gastronómica “Sabores de Oria”, Ruta de los pueblos de las estancias, Santuario del Saliente + Basílica de Oria, Ruta BTT Chirivel-Oria, Romería de la Virgen del Saliente and la Ruta Histórica.

What do people love about it?

Basílica de Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes
The Basilica is similar in style to the Velezian temple, although smaller in size and with simpler decoration. It is a late example of Baroque style, completed in the second half of the eighteenth century. The entrance is decorated with small reliefs that fill the lattices, contrasting with the sobriety of the pilasters, entablature and pediments. The interior is decorated with plant motif plasterwork, rockery, flowers, mirrors and moldings. The entrance of the main chapel is decorated with a mural painting, which, framing the Virgin’s dressing room, imitates a large architectural altarpiece, made by a painter from Vera known as Pedro Cervantes, in 1960. Located on Calle de España.

Castillo de Oria
The substantial remains of the perimeter of the Castle of Oria are composed of large brick walls, with abundant ceramic fragments, and are 1.70 meters thick. The only access to the Castle would have been through its north entrance, of which several parts of the tower are still visible. Inside the Castle, there are walls of houses and in the north wall of the enclosure are the deteriorated remains of a panel painted in red and white. Located on Calle Ciezar.

Schools and supermarkets?

-Schools: Escuela Infantil Maestra María González Reche (infant school) and C.E.I.P. San Gregorio (Primary school).

-Supermarkets: Hiper-Gallego, Supermercado Blas, Supermercado Naty, Carrefour Express Cepsa.

OK, I’m sold. Give me one piece of local trivia to impress a local

Its origins date back to 3000 a.c., with remains of Argaric settlements such as “El Picacho” and “El Villar” in the town. 

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