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San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería

San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería

  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería
  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería
  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería
  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería
  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería
  • San Juan De Los Terreros, Almería

Your Neighbourhood is a series of local area guides from VIP Almeria. We’re bringing you the best of local villages combined with the latest property data. San Juan postcode: 04648

Why San Juan?

San Juan de Los Terreros is a growing area with a lovely micro-climate, a place where you can expect up to 320 days a year sunshine, with an average temperature of 20. The surrounding area consists of stunning scenery, contrasting mountains against the green fields and sandy beaches.

You will find a whole host of blue flag beaches as well as the coves to explore. As an area, it is family friendly with disabled access, offering a vast lifestyle of everything from snorkelling to golf. As a town, it has great amenities - Numerous Bars and beach front bar/ chiringuito, and a new commercial centre with shops, super market and gym facilities such as gym and health classes.

The village is surrounded by wonderful coastline and a backdrop of rugged mountains, which perfectly frame the skyline at sunset. Those that ascend the peaks are rewarded with some truly magnificent views to the Costa Almeria. There is a wonderful palm tree-lined promenade, which extends the length of the beach. 

Opposite the coast in San Juan de los Terreros there are two small volcanic islets - the Terreros Island-Black Island Natural Monument.”

Where to Move: 

Playa la Entrevista - This is at the entrance to San Juan and where a majority of newer gated communities are available. Next to the residential estate is the shopping centre Centro Comercial Mar de Pulpí, which has a supermarket, a sports centre and various restaurants, among others. In addition, about 500m away is the village of San Juan de los Terreros, with all kinds of amenities and services. 

Playa Mar Rabiosa - Located at the opposite end of the promenade with a majority of key ready properties available, this is a very popular spot for resale options, there are established stand alone villas to community apartments and townhouses. The appeal in this zone are established settings, the "older" section of San Juan with family run businesses. 

The Cost: “Really anywhere in Spain so it is a lifestyle choice, a single could live comfortably on €1,200 — or less. A couple can live for around €2,000 a month. Eating out at Restaurants is inexpensive as are childcare, groceries transportation and sport and leisure club membership/activities.

San Juan is a municipality of Almería province with a population of approx 1400 people however is the coastal location for Pupli with a overall population of just over10,000 people.

What’s the story with house prices?


The average asking prices are:

2 Bedroom Apartment - 130,000€

2 Bedroom Townhouse - 120,000€

2 Bedroom Villa - 200,000€

3 Bedroom Apartment - 130,000€

3 Bedroom Townhouse - 140,000€

3 Bedroom Villa - 250,000€

Local amenities?

San Juan de los Terreros is the last town in Andalusia but the next village located north is Águilas, with all the main infrastructure of larger retailers, cinema, commerial shopping centre- it the first town on the coast belonging to the region of Murcia (10 minutes drive away).

In recent years, there has been a tourism and real estate boom in San Juan de los Terreros, which traditionally used to be a regional tourist destination. 
This peaceful sea village has become an important tourist destination over a few years. Because of this, it has being obliged to improve its infrastructure year on year, It is a town that is open all year round. San Juan de los Terreros has facilities covering all the basic daily needs including Medical Centre and Pharmacy.

Where should I get lunch?

San Juan de los Terreros is full of lovely places to wine and dine. Difficult to name the best as they all have something special and a little different.

Perichan – right in the middle of the Playa Costa Serena. Some excellent dishes and lovely rice, well known for its alioli, traditional food and excellent service. Open daily, Closed on a Wednesday.

La Entrevista which is towards the end of the village in the direction of Mar de Pulpi. Incredible beach location with views of the island, castle and more. Lovely fish dishes and suculent meat on the brasa.. Great service and prices.

Mi Cortijo – traditional food with a Belguim twist, the owners take pride in the food and service they provide with attention to detail.

La Venta and Meson la Pepa – both located in the heart of the village offer traditional spanish food with fantastic service.

Los Cocedores beach. Located next to Las Palmeras beach, it is highly admired for its crystalline water, a natural swimming pool and breathtaking cliffs. Protected by the surrounding mountain, the beach gives a magical air as it is covered with a beautiful white sand along with an impressive landscape.

So what’s the big draw?

Las Palmeras beach. This 1,000 meter long beach is made up of golden sands that are further enhanced with loose stones. Its name is inspired by a group of palm trees that are situated next to the sea which gives it a picture-perfect appeal.

Mar Rabiosa beach. While this beach measures only 250 meters long, it is no doubt the most famous and most visited beach in the area. People come here because of its stunning golden sands and calm and shallow waters.

Calypso beach. Similar to Mar Rabiosa beach, this beach is also 250 meters long. Its name is inspired by an event in the 1950s when Cousteau commander’s boat was said to have docked at the mythical beach.

Mar Serena beach. With a name that is inspired by its calm waters, this 700-meter long beach is known for its picture-perfect golden sands and calm and crystal clear waters. Its boundary is determined by “El Pichirichi” which is a large rock that separates it from the Mar Rabiosa beach.

What do people love about it?

The most characteristic monument in the town is San Juan de los Terreros Castle, built in 1764 on a promontory that overlooks overlooks a lot of the coastline of Almería and Murcia. It has been declared a Cultural Attraction. Built as a coastal fort, it sits atop a headland 150 metres above the coast. From the castle you can see to Cabo Cope and the resort of Mojacar. 

And... what do people NOT love about it?

"Some opinions are during the summer, the beaches get overcrowded"

It is experiancing a building boom, so there is alot of new construction in the area. 

And what’s my new local?

There's a lot of "Chiringuitos" in terreros where you can have a coffee or drink beside the promenade at the beach. Some examples are: Costa Tranquil, Calypso, La isla, Café Bar La Sombrilla, L'escala, Henrok and Abanico's bar only for summer.


Havivi, Restaurante las Palmeras, Asador el Castillo and Genva.

Schools and supermarkets?

In Terreros there's only 1 school at the center named CPR San Miguel.
Main Supermarkets:
Eurospar - Av. Puerta Litoral Andaluz, 314
La Pepa Supermarket - Calle la Venta, 2

OK, I’m sold. Give me one piece of local trivia to impress a local

In December 1999, members of the Madrid Mineralogist Group discovered the Pulpí Geode at the Rica Mine, it is a geode about 8 meters long by 2 meters high covered with huge gypsum crystals.
The Geode of Pulpí is covered with plaster crystals, some of which can measure almost two meters. Its transparency and state of conservation make it a jewel of nature.
It constitutes a unique phenomenon worldwide given its dimensions and the perfection, size and transparency of the crystals (Calaforra and García-Guinea, 2000).
This geode is considered the second biggest in the world and since the 5th august 2019 is possible to visit it making a reserve.
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